You know how you use to have a Christmas Club account at the bank for your Holiday spending?
Well, here it is in Mary Kay form. Figure out how much you want to make. Fix the plan that works for you.
I would LOVE to help you with your plan . Use me!

Christmas countdown banner

                     Click here to peek at some gorgeous packaging displays.     
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                           HOLIDAY PLANNING

Christmas sales are PLANNED.  

This section is where you start. If you don't go any farther, you can have a GREAT Christmas.
  Eveyone does the Working Smart Section. The next section is for our Master Consultants.
  If you haven't done an open house, talk to me first. This is not a suggestion! :)

1. For Personal Use Consultants, buy your Christmas gifts from Mary Kay.  
What nicer thing to give then America's Best Brand of Cosmetics for the last 14 years!

2. All the places you go, use 1 or all of the sheets below and work smart and not hard, sharing our Mary Kay so others can get FREE products!

3. Decide if you are a Basket Person or a Bag person, then order your supplies from one of the following gift packaging wholesalers or buy locally.

                              Working Smart
It's as easy as 1,2,3,4!
Everyone should want to do #1.
Pick 1 thing from #2.
Decide yes/no on #3.
Decide how many men for #4

1. Click here for the Holiday Portfolio.   Click here for the instructions.
      This is a NOW thing!
   Click here for the New Year Coupon to put in each customer bag.  
     This gives you names to start the new year off with! The right hand side is for your contact info.
    4 doing just the bare minimum of $200 = $800
    8 doing just the bare minimum of $200 - $1600


2. Outside order Sheets - pick one or all!
      Simply Gorgeous -                     sell 10 of these for $1700
Miracles and Glamour Sheet - sell 10 of these for $1990
       Compact Pro- Use the picture on page 4 of the Look Book. That set is $173.
                                                                 Sell 5 = $865
                                                                Sell 10= $1730

Santa Sheet   - fun and easy    results=$2000 when 10 outside hostesses do this

3. Mistletoe Minutes - selling as you go
Keep a cute Christmas basket in the car filled with glamour items, ready to go-
      or you can do this ......  * Holiday on the Road *

4. Sell to Men -mention it now, it happens in December.
      Trust me, after all these years in Mary Kay, one thing I can be sure of. 
      Men NEED our help at Christmas. Make a list of 10, 20 or 30 men and start saying NOW,
     "I have something wonderful for your wife for Christmas. I'll get back with you in November."

     What not to do - give them lots of choices or have them pick out what they want.
     90% of the men need to know how much, that you will make them look like a hero to his wife. That's it.

     You can make baskets or bags out of any of our products.
     Give them the price ranges. That is what they want.

   "Would you like the $99 , $145, $199 package or more?" you can set any prize range you want
Sell 10 $99 = $990
                                                                 Sell 10 $145=$1450
                                                                 Sell 10 $199=$1990
    Then ask who else he needs to buy for, daughters, mothers, aunts, etc.  UpSell!

   MEN BUY CHRISTMAS. You know them.  Your UPS man, Bug Spray Man, car service men,    car salesmen,pharmist, doctors, friends husbands. 

                                 NOW, MAKE YOUR LIST, THEN WORK IT!


* Holiday Wish List *
* Gift Certificate *
*Gift Certificate*     may be slow to load
*Find your Mary Kay Fragrance*
*Holiday Glamour Makeup*
*Web-Sale Flyer*      

* Holiday Sales to Businesses *
*Holiday Gift Flyer*
* Executive Gift Brochure *

12 Days of Christmas
* 12 Days Instruction *
12 Days Holiday Wreath *
12 Days Gift Tags *
12 Days Husband Letter *
12 Days Pictures *

Pillow Gift Instructions *
* Pillow Gift Poem *